Nurulzatushima Abdul Karim, Adhilla Ainun Musir, Nor Hafizah Hanis Abdullah, Adi Izhar Che Ani and Aniza Albar

Keywords: Lighting, Illumination Level, Monitoring, Maintenance,System.

Abstract: Illumination level of lighting system is needed to comply and achieve the minimum recommendations of Malaysia Standard. The objective of this project is producing the LightQ system. The LightQ is developed to provide instant and easy monitoring tools of lighting illumination level. The scope areas of the measurement of illumination level were at various places in UiTM Pulau Pinang. The illumination levels for the selected places were obtained and the result was analyzed by using the LightQ in order to comply with Malaysian Recommendation Standard. The illumination level of poor, moderate and good are shown in LightQ.  As the result, there are places complying with the standard and some places failed to follow the minimum recommendation level. From this project, there are several places need to give attention and do fast correction action and maintenance especially for walkways and sport centre. The level of illumination for these places was below the minimum requirement of the standard.

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