Faizal Ayob and Norashikin Ariff

Keywords: Cloud-based PMS, small and budget hotels (SMDGET), online booking, business aggregator and tourism industry.

Abstract: A cloud-based PMS offers a way to centralize the property management system without the bulk and technical requirements of a traditional PMS, which allow hotels to be more efficient and get ahead of the game. Thus, Otel2Go represents a new democratic integration concept for small and budget hotels for their property management system (PMS). Our focus is on delivering an accessible and simpler concept of hotel PMS based on cloud. Our primary areas of development are on cloud solutions offering to simplify the PMS as a business aggregator platform to the hoteliers, in order to connect everyone in a simple online booking concept. These novel ventures aim to help the growth of the small and budget hotels’ (SMDGET) market segments and to strive and win competitors within the hospitality industry.

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