Mohd Shahir Yahya, Musli Mohammad and Badrul Omar

Keywords: Lean, tools and techniques, decision aid, manufactruing, productivity

Abstract: Decision Aid for lean tools and techniques (DEALS) was developed in order to help Malaysian manufacturing industries to select the right lean tools and techniques based on their context. There are more than 50 lean tools and techniques that can be used by the organisations to improve their quality, productivity and sustainability. The right tools and techniques to be used may vary depending on several factors, for instance, the current maturity level of the organisation, areas in which the tools and techniques are implemented, organisation type and size, and the capabilities and responsibilities of the workforce. To keep away from unnecessary waste and dissatisfaction, it would be better for individuals to choose the right lean tools and techniques that will fit with organization’s situation and give benefits to the organization. In order to help organisations to select suitable lean production tools and techniques according to the contexts, therefore, a decision aid for lean tools and techniques selection (DEALS) was developed.


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