Azrul Abdullah, Mohammad Fadhili Yahya and Mazlee Mohd Noor

Keywords: Research Tools, DrTOOLs, Research Activities Cycles, Database

Abstract: Research Database Tools for Academic Scholar (DrTOOLs) version 1.0.0 is a shared database that provides academic researchers with link tovarious effective online digital tools. It contains 150 tools that are selected based on REOP (i.e. Reliable, Efficient,Open and Practical) approach concept which has been categorized into six different research activities cycle (i.e. Searching, Writing, Analysis, Publication, Outreach and Impact). DrTOOLs is very useful and important for researchers to reduce the time spent on conducting research as well as improving the process of traditional research workflow. Besides, the embedded tools can also improve researchers’ and articles’ visibilities. DrTOOLsalso can be commercialized as an application for Android and Apple market.


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