Nagham Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jaf, Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan, Rohaya Megat Abdul Wahab, Wan Eny Zarina Wan Abdul Rahman and Aslan S. Abraham

Keywords: artificial intelligence, bone thickness, mathematical modelling

Abstract: Background: Measurement of the outer bone thickness is a major factor in successful treatment planning in many dental specialties. Problem statement: Outer bone thickness can only be viewed and measured with three- dimensional X-ray imaging that exposes patients to high radiation dose and could potentially leads to development of cancer. Three- dimensional X-ray imaging is also an expensive procedure. Objectives: To formulate a prediction model for outer bone thickness using artificial intelligence and to use the model in building of an Android app to predict bone measurement. Novelty: This is the first artificial intelligence model using artificial neural network and prediction app for bone thickness prediction that gives an exact quantitative numerical prediction with a high level of accuracy and robustness. Benefits to doctors: It allows doctors to predict outer bone thickness accurately in a safe and noninvasive manner using their smartphones without exposing their patients to high radiation doses with three- dimensional X-ray imaging. Knowledge of outer bone thickness could lead to a better and more successful treatment planning. Benefits to patients: Patients will benefit from higher possibilities of successful treatment, while avoiding exposure to high radiation doses during their dental treatment and this will minimize their cancer risk and reduces treatment cost. Benefits to society: Reducing radiation exposure and possibility of cancer development is a major benefit to society, the cost of treatment will also be reduced. Future plans: The app can be further enhanced, and the model can also be used to develop a desktop software.

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