Sreetheran Maruthaveeran

Keywords: Research Planning; Swimlane flowchart; Graduate Schools; Graduate on time; Visual tools.

Abstract: Majority of the postgraduate students have difficulties to visualise the whole research process which they need to engage to complete their studies. Nevertheless, the postgraduate students might have their research proposal as reference, however there was nothing available that brought the information into a coherent, easy to manage whole where they can visualise in one image. By using visual tools postgraduate students also can visualise each of the study involves in terms of method to be used, sample size, tools to conduct the study and even the number of papers with title that could be generated from each study from their research project. Will be easier for supervisors to monitor their students’ progress based on this kind of flowchart. This is important, because the students would not be able to lose track of their research project. This type of visual tool can be used as research planning tool for the postgraduate supervision towards Graduate on Time (GOT). This visual tool or the flowchart was copyrighted in 4th March 2019 (LY2019000696).

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