Norsyazlin Mohd Rosli*, Nur Shaffiqa Muhammad Soffian, Muhamad Azrul Azwan Azman, Amelia Ahmad

Keywords: layout drawing, wall finishing material, wallpaper, students appreciation,  commercialising

Abstract: Layout drawing is one of the task outputs by Town and Regional Planning students  which was produced in their first and second year at UiTM Perak Branch. There are several  processes that need to be implemented when creating the layout drawing. They consist of problem  identification, goal and objectives setting, data collection, analysing and proposal stage. However,  the students’ works and progress in making the layout plans or drawings during their period of  study are not appreciated, other than being evaluated for coursework mark. In additional, students  have issues in compiling and maintaining their layouts which can be used as reference materials  during job interviews. The main objective of this invention is to develop innovative wallpaper as  wall finishing material, by transforming the layout drawing’s images. Therefore, visual analysis  will be used to produce this invention. The new wall finishing material invention is hoped to  enhance clever decorating intervention in order to create a sense of space. In addition, the wall  finishing material is expected to generate passive income for students and the education  institutions from the students’ creativity. This will further encourage the students to engage in  additional activities such as creating useful products from waste or unused work’s materials. This  may indirectly lead to the creation of highly creative, productive, and artistic student, who may in  the future, contribute to the country’s economy.

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