Ahmad Azahari Mohd Nazar, Adib Aiman Azmi,  Nurul Aina Ahmad Zamberi, Nurshafiqa Ain Mohd Shahril, Mohamad Armeen Soba Mohd Soba, Mohamad Farhan Syahmi Mohamad Firdaus

Keywords: education, dyslexic, mechanical toy, learning tool

Abstract: SLING-O is a mechanical educational toy that is powered using a lever mechanism as a learning tool to overcome problems in recognizing the correct Alphabets and Colours for Dyslexic Kindergarten kids in Southeast Asia. The main objectives for this project are to explore the capability of mechanical toys for dyslexic kids in education, to determine the effectiveness between mechanical toys and educational toys in one toy and to investigate how the toys manage to overcome the problems with letters and can relate it with the problems of colours too. Besides, this product of purpose is related with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which are Quality Education and Reduce Inequalities. The method that researchers used for this research is the Mixed Method. Mixed methods research represents research that involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data in a single study or in a series of studies that investigate the same underlying phenomenon. For the findings, researchers analyse quantitative data by collecting data through questionnaires. For qualitative data, researchers use SWOT analysis and offering-culture-map methods.

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