Fara Azeerin A Karimand Rosita Mohd Tajuddin

Keywords: multifunctional, prayer attire, disabled women

Abstract: The design of prayer attire is mandated by the Islamic Dress Code Ethics which is stated in the al-Quran. Mostly the prayers attire that are available in the market designed for women with only one function and consists of two pieces of garments.  Many brands sell prayer attire, but they do not sell prayer attire that have specific designs for disabled women due to the market is to segmented into specific needs. Unsuitable design for disabled users especially on prayer attire in the market did not fit and fulfill the attributes needed in terms of fabric and durability. There are issues need to be solved and identification, which attributes need to be considered in designing prayer attire that would fulfilled the multi-functional purposes and meeting the needs required in multi-functional Muslim prayer attire for wheelchair users. This research is aimed to identify the design attributes and analyze the need to be considered in designing a Muslim prayer attire for wheelchair users focusing on Spinal cord injury. This study contributed in enhancing the existing prayer attire specifically for disabled women through multifunctional design attributes considered of functionality, aesthetic and technical. The observations survey and interview were used to obtain additional reliable information, authoritative opinions and professional assessments of the research topic. This research had found that the enhancement on the characteristics of multifunctional prayer attire for disabled women would improve the functional features in design. The final product fulfilled the donning/ doffing, versatility, practicality and durability with the design projected to achieve the objective and also educate the public on the importance of having a proper or suitable attire for disabled women. The design not only provides comfort to users but also ease movements when the perform their prayers.

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