Mohamad Rahizam Abdul Rahim, Mohamad Nizam Mohamed Shapie, Nagoor Meera Abdullah, Noridah Abu Bakar and Rezian-na Muhammed Kassim

Keywords: performance, profiling, coach, athlete, tennis 

Abstract: Tennis is a sport which demands an integration of multiple factors. It requires technical, tactical, psychological and high-level physical skills to be successful. Performance profiling is an assessment procedure that encourages coaches and athletes to identify qualities they deem important to performance and then rate their ability on each of those qualities. This monitoring system will allow coaches and sport scientists to develop a better understanding of their athletes by providing a means of monitoring progress and highlighting discrepancies between the athlete’s and coach’s assessment of performance. The performance profiling system should provide noble insights into the performance of high-performance tennis players and could improve the coaching process. The development of performance profiling system can be utilized as a coaching tool while adopting a training model as an intervention in enhancing tennis players’ performance. An integrated profile of performance characteristics among the tennis players are designed from the information collected and evidence based recommendations can be adopted by coaches in the training programs to enhance performance level of the athletes. Tennis players are assessed on four significant performance variables namely the physical, psychological, technical and tactical skills. Each performance component can be assessed utilizing reliable instruments and the evaluation procedures are recorded using a standard and validated scoring system. The user-friendly performance profiling system will allow coaches to monitor and rate the performance progress of each player regularly or at different training phases. The information provided from this performance profiling system can be adopted by coaches in other sports to develop and to design training program based on current strengths and weaknesses of every athlete’s performance. The Sports Performance Profiling System which was designed from this study should be able to assist the National and State Tennis Associations, coaches, parents and most importantly the athletes to monitor performance and to provide a road map towards achieving success at the highest level possible. The web based system will be further developed into system application to allow coaches and athletes to apply the performance profiling system at any time and place including during competitions. 

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