Nurul Fardila Abd Razak, Nurashikin A Ridzuan, Siti ’Atikah Rusli, Derweanna Bah Simpong and Harnidah Samengon

Keywords: ipomoea, sweet potatoes, low carb, healthy diet

Abstract: Expanding admission of leafy foods, while diminishing the measure of trans fat and sugar utilization is individuals’ primary objective. Sweet potatoes give a fantastic sustenance that contains here are many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Preliminary tests were conducted with different levels of sugar within the permitted range to acquire better taste advancement and cereal quality attributes indicated. Cereal was subjected to sensory assessment on color, crumb color,, taste, smell, general appearance, mouth feel and general adequacy utilizing five point hedonic scales. For the experiment, there is list of procedures that are done to guarantee the validity of information collected.The greater part of specialist (65%) demonstrates that they like somewhat of proto-sort result of Ipomoea Crunchy Crunch. For examination procedure, the proto-type item is being tried to 23 specialists who are chosen from postgraduate students, Faculty Hotel and Tourism, UiTM Shah Alam and being situated in tester room and the questionnaire regarding on the product are being provided together with the food sample. As a novice product Ipomea Crunchy Crunch has been selected as one of innovation product in Research Carnival in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan for further research and commercialization.

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