Sharifah Norashikin Bohari, Ain Uzzairah Amran, Mohamad Faris Jamain, Muhammad Hafizi and Muhammad Haziq Muzaini

Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, 3D model building, close range photogrammetry, aerial photogrammetry, Digital Terrain Modelling.

Abstract: The process of production of 3D interactive map using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is one of method that is modern and time efficient in terms of acquiring data of 3D model building. The UAV photogrammetry gives various application including replace conventional aerial photogrammetry as well as controlled aircraft without pilot. 3D modelling reconstruction can be produced after measurement is made on the dimension of the object, the captured image of the object on the ground or the captured image from aerial photogrammetry of any object such as building. The two techniques to produce 3D model generation which are terrestrial close range (aerial photogrammetry) and close range photogrammetry whereas the three method to construct 3D model which are sketching method where no achieve engineering requirement, procedural method only for expert and CRP method at small area. Three dimensional simulation and virtual reality are combination required to established 3D model. The objective of this paper are to produce 3D interactive map of UITM Perlis. The software used as for flight mission planning are DJI GS Pro and for processing to produce 3D model are using Agisoft Photoscan and Google Earth Pro. This study consists of four phases which are preliminary research, data acquisition, data processing and result and analysis. The combined of two vertical and oblique picture will produced very good result of 3D model. DSM, DTM, contour line are example of 3D result that produced automatically using software. It found that create maps on the fly could let a drone use a technique called simultaneous localization and mapping, or SLAM, which ground-based robots often use to orient themselves in unfamiliar environments.

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