Siti Akhtar Mahayuddin, Wan Akmal Zahri Wan Zaharuddin, Ida Nianti Mohd Zin and Azira Ibrahim

Keywords: Building Construction, Taking-off, Quantities, 3D Visual Model

Abstract: Quantifying building construction are normally based on two dimensional drawings (plan and section) and written specification. Based on students’ feedback and lecturers experiences, students are having difficulties in visualizing the building elements that need to be quantified. Thus, the students are struggling in taking-off building quantities. Therefore, additional teaching aid are required to facilitate teaching and learning of the taking-off building quantities. The innovation of additional teaching aid will help the students in visualising the building elements and assist them in taking-off building quantities. The concept of this innovation involves multi-media tool which is 3D visual model and cooperative learning. The 3D visual model will be prepared for each buiding elements taught. During the learning session, students will be divided into small groups (3-5 students per group) and will learn the taking-off with close supervision and guidance from the lecturer. Students will be provided with this 3D visual model in addition to the two dimensional drawings and specification. The 3D visual model will assist the students in visualising the building elements that need to be quantified. Thus, understanding the taking-off process will be easier and faster. The combination of 3D visual model and the cooperative learning in groups is expected to enhance students interest in this subject. Thus increase their understanding in taking-off building quantities.

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