Wei Boon Quah, Azreena Aziz and Azizol Duralim

Keywords: Simulation, Front Office, Tasks, Receptionists, Concierge, Bellman

Abstract: The front office department is the major department and the most important area of the organization. The front desk of a hotel requires many different skills in order to make sure guests have a pleasant experience at a hotel. Students unable to imagine the real situation that will be happen because students only doing or practicing one role play task. Front Office Simulation Tasks (FOSTs) has been created to offer a new experience for students to take as hotel employee through the many responsibilities of a hotel employee. Front Office Simulation Tasks (FOSTs) is a simulation activity that has been designed to create the real working environment for students to learn in the areas of front office operations. All tasks have been designed and created by lecturers. Each student will get the opportunity to rotate for any positions like Reservationist, Concierge, Bellman. All the tasks will be occurring at a particular instant in time. Students that perform as front office employees are challenged to solve problems related to guest satisfaction, safety, security, and business operations. This activity will be recorded, then lecturers will show to the students when lecturers do reflection with students. We will use the Front Office Simulation Tasks (FOSTs) as an activity to train students in order to adapt themselves in the real situation. Students are tested their confidence, knowledge and skills through making strategic decisions in regard to front office operations for example checking in and checking out (Receptionist), handling reservations (Reservationist), provides information about the City Events (Concierge), and carrying and bringing guests to guest rooms (Bellman). The cost of building this tasks card is zero as lecturers will design the tasks by using words as save as pictures and distribute through Whatsapp or any online platform. This idea can be used by any institutions that offered Front Office subject or for hotel industrial training purposes. This Front Office Simulation Tasks (FOSTs) is very useful to help students to understand the real situation job ability when students involved themselves in this activity.


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