Juliana Idrus, Nurjuhanah Juhari, Masyitah Md Nujid, Nur Shafieza Azizan and Khairul Afinawati Hashim

Keywords: Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, Shell Waste, Subbase, Slake durability index, Sustainable.

Abstract: In order to promote sustainability of the environment, the utilization of waste and recycled materials especially in the construction industries are significant. The reuse of materials such as Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Shell Waste (SW) as subbase materials for road construction eventually is an alternative solution to overcome the depletion of natural aggregates and reduce the stockpile of waste problems in future. The green environment in our country can be disregarded due to the increasing demand of quarry product that eventuate the depreciation of natural resources such as limestone and granite. To deal with this situation, a study on recycle construction and natural wastes as subbase material replacement was carried out. The mixture of 70 % RAP and 30% SW as subbase materials substitution showed satisfactory physical characteristics and can be classified as extremely high durable which resulted the slake durability index of 95%. Hence, this innovation provides better solution to the industrial key players in term of economic saving, high-quality, well-performing and sustainability.


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