Nur Fakihin Auni Ahmad Razali, Raziefa Razak and Noradila Rusli

Keywords: near-infrared sensor chip, NIR, drone, plantation healthiness, harumanis healthiness, vegetation detection

Abstract: Landsat imagery provides a 30 x 30 meters’ coverage area per pixel such that low resolution imagery gives less visual perception in determining features and plant healthiness. The high spatial resolution imagery is costly such that inconvenience for small-scale projects that covers small area. This project aims to develop attachable micro-chip near-infrared (NIR) sensors in order to detect the healthiness of vegetation cover specifically for harumanis plantation in Perlis. This project is designed to provide the detection of vegetation by using attachable micro-chip on drones by analyzing spatio-temporal change of harumanis plantation cover using infrared sensor. Besides, this project also intent to assist farmers in early detection of harumanis plantations’ healthiness for their orchard. With the development of this outstanding project, it is expected to move parallel towards the latest technology used in recent days.

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