Nur Fatma Fadilah Yaacob, Mohd Farid Mazlan and Mohd Nur Adnyn Mohd Tajudin

Keywords: road accident, real time, web based, WebGIS.

Abstract: Accident analysis plays the important part in order to decrease the road accident cases. In the past, the main analysis tools available to the road safety engineer were paper maps allied to databases like Excel spreadsheets. This was very time consuming process and some of the data was missing and uncompleted. The aim of this study is to improve road accident data storage and accessibility the use of WebGIS by creating a real time road accident analysis data management system. Selection of study area was Kedah. The use of analyses tools such as hotspot area of road accident, spatial temporal pattern of road accident, ordinary least square (OLS) analysis. RTRAA Web based develop through PostgreSQL and a webserver. By making use of RTRAA the police would be control and manage whole accident events as a real-time monitoring analysis system.

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