Mohd Izzat bin Nordin, Muhammad Afif bin Othman and Jum’azulhisham bin Abdul Shukor

Keywords: Household, housekeeping, 4D game; 5S implementation, rewards

Abstract: Parents often have a big headache cleaning up a messy home .Children, being creative and energetic, normally use almost everything at home as toys, play all over the house including the kitchen, bathroom, living room and the balcony. Instructions to do housekeeping are often ignored unless an incentive / reward is given. A 4-Dimentional Household Assistant Game can help educate children to assist parents in keeping the house clean and tidy. The game requires children to play and participate in doing simple household activities. By playing this game children indirectly learn the 5S way to do housekeeping while having fun. This game has been simulated and statistically found to be effective in asking children to assist parents in doing household chores.

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