Taha Basheer Taha, Ruzelita Ngadiran and Phaklen Ehkan

Keywords: Watermarking; LWT; Perceptual Mapping; Texture Mapping; ALD

Abstract: Watermarking in image and video has a grown interest during last decade due to wide spread of digital media through the internet. Watermarking can be used for copy right protection, copy protection, authentication, channel quality measurement and many other applications. In this poster, an efficient watermarking algorithm is proposed based on simplified perceptual mapping model that combines three factors, texture mapping factor that is implemented using a simplified method referred as ALD (Accumulative Lifting Differences), simplified edge detection technique, and luminance mask. The perceptual model which is consists of new texture map called Accumulative Lifting Differences (ALD), simplified edge extraction method, and luminance mask; is utilized to find the severity of watermark embedding in a new blind image watermarking application that relies on simple and fast calculations which make the design suitable to be implemented on real time systems. Also, the proposed watermarking algorithm shows high robustness against different geometric and nongeometric attacks, high perceptual quality and friendly graphical user interface.

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