Bakri Bin Ali, Mohd Hanapiah Bin Abdullah and Zainal Hisyam Bin Che Soh

Keywords: harvesting; pole; fruits; wrapping, aluminum.

Abstract: In fruit plantation, wrapping and harvesting of fruit was done manually by worker by means of a ladder to reach a fruit more than 2 meters high. This job is tedious and can endanger the worker if the ladder collapsed. A multipurpose pole was designed to help the worker reach the high fruit in order to wrap or harvesting it. The pole is made from a lightweight aluminum with adjustable height up to 15 foot. The wrapping and harvesting mechanism is attached on top of the pole and manually operated by means of a cable. The mechanism consists of a round aluminum loop on which a wrapper sheet(plastic/paper) is attached. The pole can be extended to cover the fruit and the cable will be pulled to tie the wrapper around the fruit. For harvesting purpose, the wrapper is replaced with a bag or chute. Once the bag is placed under the fruit, a cable is pulled to cut the fruit stem and collected in the bag or sliding down the chute to be collected in the basket on the ground.

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