Wong Shy Kit

Keywords: marginalised communities; distillation; water; electricity; parabolic trough collector; thermoelectric generators

Abstract: 2 out of 10 people in Asia suffer from electricity abruption, while 1 child dies every 21 seconds from water-related disease. Much efforts have been focused onto providing clean drinkable water and electricity to marginalised communities in rural areas, but most of the existing solution are not portable or accessible and largely expensive. Water distillation system is considered to be one of the more convenient and cheaper way to obtain clean drinkable water. To distill water, the water source is heated into steam, transferred into a condenser and condensed back into distilled water. Therefore, a portable parabolic trough collector (PTC) integrated with thermoelectric generators (TEGs) could possibly be the solution to these barriers when it is manufactured in a minimal cost, where we named it as Light2O.

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