Mohammad Amirul Anwar bin Badrul Hisham, Mohammad Shakir Ariff bin Mohd Shaifuddin, Amirul Hakimi bin Azmi, Nurhazlin binti Hussein, Umi Nurul Najihah binti Azman and Aunie Qamarina binti Mohd Haris

Keywords: abstract, performance, edufun, ranking, university

Abstract: SLEA APP V2 is an innovation pioneered by the students association under the Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies (FSPPP). This project is an output resulted from Training Management System applied in public service where all government servant has a system where they can track how many a public servant has attend training for a particular course a year. It is a combination of education and fun which will create a healthy competition among the players as a whole. The players will be competing in extracurricular activities and programs, the more involvements from the students, the higher the students will get the points. Then, those points will be resulted in a ranking table among students, thus will create the urge to compete each other to be the top in the ranking table. This will create a holistic performance-based ranking between university students itself. What more interesting, an innovation of QR code will be used by the students to gain the point by scanning the QR code through our apps. This will be a new version of certificate hence paperless system. In future, this project will be improved through great interface and very light-weight so it can be run in almost every devices. This project is hoped to ease the job recruitment process as it will be an ease for future employers to offer jobs from continuous and holistic student performance.

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