Mohammad Shakir Ariff bin Mohd Shaifuddin, Mohammad Amirul Anwar bin Badrul Hisham, Amirul Hakimi bin Azmi, Nurhazlin binti Hussein, Umi Nurul Najihah binti Azman and Aunie Qamarina binti Mohd Haris

Keywords: abstract; depression; social platform

Abstract: An innovation pioneered by students’ association under the Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies (FSPPP). This product is an output resulted from the observation of the surroundings, assisted by internal surveys conducted among future targeted users. This project is merely focusing on those who are suffering from depression, one of the mental illnesses that has been a recent major topic among people across the globe. This project will be able to create a social platform for them. It will help depressed people to engage and be engaged with intention to pour their heart out. They can choose either to be a listener or advisor. This project is going to be a middleman to bridge people who might have the same problems to stay connected. It acts as an alternative especially to those who are not really into public sharing on their problems and in the same time refuse to refer to the experts. In the future, this project will be continuously improved through better graphics and great user interfaces that will ease the users. It is anticipated to downsize the depression phenomenon within the country, specifically among youth and active smartphone users.

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