Nur Zafifa Kamarunzaman*, Zurina Md Nen, Alice Shanthi, Norfarhana Zulkifli and Nur Izzati Shamsuri

KeywordsMental Health, Mental Health Issues, Students, Educators, University.

Abstract: Students with mental issues are becoming prevalent in institutions of higher learning. Most of them choose to remain silent, and it becomes the role of educators to identify the problem and get them the help needed. Despite many guides, campaigns, educational posters, and manuals created for students’ awareness, not much resource guides are specifically created for educators. Thus, with the dearth sources for educators, specifically in handling mental health issues among the students, QuGiE is created to fill in this gap. This booklet aims to enlighten educators on students’ mental health issues and direct the students with mental health issues towards getting the proper help. Many educators are busy focusing on academic excellence, and at times they ignore the signs of mental issues among students until it is too late to help them.  This issue needs to be addressed without delay in having a healthier society leads to a productive workforce. The booklet has gathered and quoted numerous writing collections on mental health and issues that are essential for the educators’ guidance to help and handle students with mental health issues. The booklet’s output has been presented to three experts: the certified counsellor, a Head of Health Unit in one of the local institutions, and a psychiatrist in a university hospital in the Klang Valley. The materials are arranged gradually and presented in the infographic to inflict quick understanding about mental health and issues. The researchers have published a paper in “International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Science”, registered the product for intellectual property (Number: LY2020004510) and are in the process of getting an ISBN to publish and market QuGiE. In future, the researchers hope to get funding to turn QuGiE into digital form so that QuGiE is reachable via smartphones, IT gadgets by everyone. Finally, QuGiE would be turned into a CSR project so that UiTM can give back to the community.

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