Noorizda Emellia Mohd Aziz, Nur Diyana Zainal, Maryam Mohd Esa, Nurulhayah Muhamad, Nor Ainee Idris and Norazman Harun

Keywords: Marketing Phobia, Fear Marketing, 4Ps, 4Cs and COM: Capability, Opportunity,  Motivation

Abstract: Marketing Phobia causes many small businesses to fail due to feeling of fear in  promoting their products or services. World statistics has proved the statement where fear in  making promotion (products or services) contributed to the failing factors of a business.  Originally, this paper aims to contend in providing a guideline to avoid from falling into the  marketing trap as well as changing the negative perception towards the term. This article is  based on critical review of the efficacy of the marketing mixed model 4Ps, digital marketing  model 4Cs and COM (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation)-behavioural social marketing  model in helping to design positive vibes and no more marketing phobia, followed by the  conceptual development of an alternative. Using some typical scenarios, it is contended that  the way of thinking about marketing must be changed and innovated so that buyers or  consumers are comfortable in listening and accepting product or service during sharing session.  Alternatively, need to be reminded that marketing is an act to get connected with buyers or  consumers both in current and future times. Marketing tells the information about products or  services and to tell buyers or consumers why they need to like a product or service being offered.  In reality, we do not want marketing phobia. Thus, it needs to change consumers’ minds towards marketing term to avoid misunderstandings. Especially in understanding 4Ps, 4Cs and COM  concept. Both marketers and consumers need to change towards a more positive behaviour and  thought. Moreover, marketing needs to be learned on its own in order to be more artistic in  understanding human behaviour in responding towards necessities and wants through 4Ps, 4Cs  and COM not only focusing on marketing and selling a product but also on communication with  the consumers or prospects from the beginning of the process to the very end. There is an urgent  need for a replacement model by MM, DM and SM model compilation to overcome marketing  phobia.

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