Mohd Nizam Osman, Hamizah Mohamed and Khairul Anwar Sedek 

Keywords: customer relationship managment (CRM), web-based, mobile ınstance message (MIM), WhatsApp 

Abstract: The process of disseminate information to the educational institutes in Malaysia is very challenging due to geographic factors. With more than 10,000 of schools and almost 5,000,000 of students and 400,000 of teachers, the main issue faced by most companies is to disseminate the information in effective way and how they manage the record of customers in a perfect way. Therefore, the web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system integrated with Mobile Instance Message (MIM) using WhatsApp application was developed specifically to overcome the problem of disseminate information by most of the companies in business. The CRM system is a special web-based system aggregates customer information (Teacher-Student-Parent) in one place that gives the company, which involve in consultancy services to educational institutes easy access to data, such as contact data, purchase history and any previous contact with the customer service representative. This data helps business nurture relationships with clients, anticipate customer needs, recognize customer updates and tract performance goal when it comes to sales. Furthermore, CRM system main purpose is to make interactions more efficient and productive between business and customer. Besides, the automated procedures within the CRM module in the system, include sending sell of services offered to the educational institutes based on customer’s selection of a product or service and the system also assesses a customer’s need to reduce the time it takes to fulfil a request. Meanwhile, for quick communication with customers of the system was integrated with WhatsApp application to notify the user by sending messages to the mobile phone. The system was developed based on the web-based platform using HTML to design the interface and PhP to execute the framework, while MySQL is used for database purposes in the server. Besides, the web-based system was integrated with WhatsApp application using WhatsApp API. Therefore, based on the features and functionality offered by the system, it will benefit to business community and educational institutes due to easy-to-use and be able to manage and improve external interactions between the customer and organizations. Hence, this leads to enhancing the work efficiency and visibility of a business. 

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