M Shariful Hafizal Aminuddin, Fadli Abd Razak, Fadhil Kamarudin, Zahir Alaudin, Shahrizal Md. Husinand Norfadilah Kamarudin

Keywords: rainforest, motion-design, learning, flora & fauna, digitalization

Abstract: Malaysia is one of the prestigious biodiversity flora and fauna countries in the world. The oldest living ecosystems with a luxuriant dense forest with diverse natural resources. The words “nature” and “natural” typically for all the things that are usually not made by humans. Things like weather, organisms, landforms, celestial bodies, and much more are part of nature. Within these, scientists study how the aspects of nature work; for example, the science of ecology is about plants and animals as a whole, while biology examines every type of living thing. However, from the designers’ and artists’, they were looking at a different perspective view. Hence, the current study’s objective is to gain an in-depth understanding of the current phenomenon view to an exploded view of Taman Negar, specifically in Kuala Keniam Pahang, through motion design. This new approach combines the aesthetic value of art and technologies in one form. The content of motion allowed the audience to understand mother nature through sound and images. Furthermore, these motion designs help us to assist the learning of rainforest plants. The findings are also instrumental for the government in formulating and implementing programs and initiatives relevant to preserving and sustainability our biodiversity and producing a systematic content of mother nature digitally.

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