Rohani Mohd, Nor Intan Adha Hafit, Badrul Hisham Kamruddin, Azimah Daud and Hanayanti Hafit

Keywords: Islamic; smart; critical thinking; ruler; Quran

Abstract: Graduated Muslim students are believed to lack in the critical thinking ability particularly when this is an important criteria for employability. This prompted a study that   investigated the critical thinking level of Muslim students in Malaysia (UiTM) and Indonesia (UNTAG).  The study developed a product called i-Critical Thinking Smart Ruler. In the study, two new variables were added, namely Quranic recitation and sunnah food. 100 students from Malaysia and 190 students from Indonesia were involved and their data were gathered via google form. The Rasch model that was used to analyse the data indicated that students’ critical thinking could be divided into 3 different levels depending on their Quran recitation and sunnah food consumption. The first group was identified as high critical thinking (HCT) students because they are committed to recite the Quran and consume sunnah food.  The second group (moderate critical thinking) recite the Quran and consume sunnah food moderately, while the last group (low critical thinking or LCT) were those who recite the Quran least and do not consume sunnah food as their regular food consumption. The findings revealed important insights relating to Quran recitation and sunnah food consumption. The governments of the two countries should pay serious attention to the two variables if they wanted to improve critical thinking among students. As a result of this research, a smart electronic ruler that measures critical thinking levels was produced. It was called Islamic (i-is for Islamic) smart ruler as Islamic solution comes out automatic for any critical thinking level that is identified. As this is a unique feature, the ruler is expected to have high commercial value as it can be used by schools and universities in  identifying students with low critical thinking level, and suggested solutions are recommended for them.  The industry can also use this ruler to identify a best candidate from among high critical thinking level group. For the Muslim community, this innovation will motivate them to improve as solutions are provided automatically for respective critical thinking levels.

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