Faizah Abd Ghani and Norhidayah Daud

Keywords: pedophilia; trauma; well-being; module

Abstract: The objectives of this study are to identify the effects of pedophilia to the victims, determine the level of victims’ wellbeing, develop the ‘I Care, You Deserve’ module and to test the effectiveness of the module to pedophilia victims. This is a case study that involves 21 respondents during pre-module and 12 respondents during post-module. Pre-module involves interview, observation and answering ‘Soal selidik Kesejahteraan Kanak-kanak’ with the respondents. Findings from pre-module indicates the effects that the respondents face varied from behaviour, emotion, cognitive and physiology. The respondents also have low level of well-being especially on the aspect of relationship with others. Next, “I Care, You Deserve” Module has been developed to help the respondents to improve their well-being and to reduce the effects that they face. This module includes four main aspects which are spiritual, cognitive, emotion and behavior. It has received validation from experts with mean value of 7.08. The effectiveness of the module was determined by using interview, observation, document analysis and answering the ‘Soal selidik Kesejahteraan Kanak-kanak’ again.  After the application of the module, findings show that the level of respondents’ well-being is increased. Interview and observation data with the officers in the institution were also demonstrates that after the application of the module, the respondents show more positive behavior. Data from document analysis also proves that ‘I Care, You Deserve’ module is helpful in providing improvement to the respondents for their self-recovery and for them to have hopes in their future

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