Diyana Zulaika Abdul Ghani, Shafiqah Wardah Salmi, Hamizah Solihah Hassan, Mohd Izwan Abdul Rashid, Siti Aishah Mohamed, Somesswaran A/L Jayadasan and Aede Hatib Musta’amal @ Jamal

Keywords: English language game, literature, teaching and learning in education, tenses, grammar

Abstract: As a second language, English language portray an important role in Malaysian society. Even though English is used as our second language, there are still a number of Malaysian that are not competent enough in using the language by making simple grammatical mistakes. In this case, one of the simple mistakes are when they learn simple tenses, where they tend to get confuse with the rules. Learning the basic rules of grammar is essential in learning a language. Education should start at early age and it should apply towards learning language itself. Traditional method in teaching English language has been use since the beginning and still being use until now. Hence, some students find it hard to like English as a subject in school, some of them finds learning the language not amusing. Therefore, we are trying to reduce those perspective that the students had in learning English by adding an option to learn English using a fun-learning approach with games. Using the idea of ‘Jenga’ game we have created a game called ‘Tenses Tower’ for students to use as a form of exercise to learn tenses. The aim of designing this product is to assist teacher and students to have a new fun experience in learning tenses.

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