Anas Fathul Ariffin, Muhammad Hilmi Samian, Diana Juniza Juanis, Emmy Nurashikin Ismail Hashim and Siti Nurasyikin Shamsuddin

Keywords: MOOC, Risk Management, Insurance, Takaful, ODL

Abstract: : Principles of Risk Management, Insurance and Takaful MOOC has been developed for the purpose of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) using UFUTURE platform. UFUTURE is a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform provided by Mara University of Technology (UiTM) for delivering learning contents online to any person who wants to take a course. Indeed, this MOOC is designed specifically for the course of Principles of Risk Management and Insurance. Contents for this MOOC have been prepared in attractive ways with the assistance of Powtoon, iSpring, flipbook and interactive activities such as crossword puzzles, multiple-choice questions and many more. The contents of each module are divided into subtopics so that students can easily choose which subtopic to view and review over and over without having to view the whole chapter. This online course is developed to make sure that it is practical and flexible to be used by students since it maybe used at any convenient time, given that they have internet access. Furthermore, it is to date the only online course in Malaysia for this subject that offers interactive features to engage studends in acquiring knowledge in this modern era. This MOOC also aims to provide enjoyable learning experience for students and to build a sustainable open knowledge network for its participants. Additionally, the Actuarial Science students of UiTM, upon completing this course and the programme will be exempted from taking the Takaful Basic Examination to become a Takaful agent. Hence, the commercial value of this copyrighted online course is added learning material from traditional face-to-face classroom as well as an alternative to the basic Takaful examination for prospect of Takaful agent.

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