Noor Hilmi Bin Mohd Johan, Dayang Norsheilawati Adriana Binti Abdul Razak, Nurain Suhailah Binti Sheikh Azree, Muhammad Muqri Zulfadhli Bin Abd Aziz, Aiman Haiqal Haizi Bin Suhaimi and Dzaifiq Khalif Bin Darus

Keywords: cyberbullying, online campaign, social awareness, social issue, online assessment

Abstract: Cyberbullying among Malaysians is now on the rise and data shows that Malaysia ranks second highest on the list among Asian countries. Consequences of cyberbullying can include poor academic performances, school dropout, physical violence, and suicide. It is a method of bullying that is frequently hidden from supervision of adults nowadays. The purpose of the paper is to spread awareness amongst the public’s view along with participation from the public to help with interventions on cyberbullying using an online platform. Speak Out! How Do I Get Out from It is an online advocacy campaign aims to unroll awareness about cyberbullying. The intended participants for this online advocacy campaign cater mainly from secondary school students across West and East Malaysia. With the aims to increase students’ level awareness about cyberbullying and improving their literacy on media-related rules and ethics, the campaign utilizes its methodology by using focus group with activities such as online games, online roleplay, and anonymous reading. The analysis after the campaign shows that participants have reached a satisfactory level of understanding where most students are aware of the increasing number of cyberbullying cases. Students were able to understand the constancy of exploitation from cyberbullying, self-esteem levels, depression, anxiety, and friendship quality. The statistics found in the survey report showed most of the respondent feel positive attitude between experience and general knowledge regarding cyberbullying. Collected data also reveals respondents sharing encouraging reviews about the e-workshop’s attentive performance, along with their personal knowledge about the understanding of cyberbullying and its consequences.

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