Susila Pichaiya Ramalingam

Keywords: Gumball machine, subtraction, special rehabilitation 

Abstract: This study aims to examine the effectiveness of the Gumball Machine in improving the skills of subtracting whole numbers in the range of one to hundred for special rehabilitation students in primary school. The innovation of Gumball Machine developed to cater learning and playing games physically and incorporate both elements into an effective learning. Therefore, the Gumball Machine is developed with a unique technique that allows special rehabilitation students to undergo fine motor therapy through repetition of marble grips, and audio stimulation through sensor sound. Pre and post tests were conducted among ten special rehabilitation students in SJKT Ladang Buloh Akar to identify students’ skills before and after using the Gumball Machine. This study is conducted using quantitative method. Survey methods in the form of questionnaires were used to obtain research data. The findings of the study found that the use of teaching aids Gumball Machine has increased the mastery of operations subtracting whole numbers in the range of one to hundred in special rehabilitation students. Moreover, Gumball Machine were able to attract students attention and continually focus on learning sessions. This shows that the use of Gumball Machine can help students in solving subtraction operations as well as improve their understanding.

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