Azam Ghazali, Halim Masnan, Adibah Zamri and Syaza Rahimand Azila Hassan

Keywords: digital and technology, STEM education, observations, interviews, B40 family

Abstract: Binoculars Beyond Imagination (BinoBI) is a 21st Century Education innovation product that has been designed by Master of Early Childhood Education students from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia with the guidance of a senior lecturer from the department of Early Childhood Education. The purpose of the BinoBI innovation along with this module is to provide exposure to children from the B40 family to explore the field of STEM (Science, Engineering Technology and Mathematics) using materials that are readily available from recycled natural materials (DIY). The objectives of this product are to: (i) Children from B40 family can boost up their knowledge in particular fields through hands on experience by using cell phones and imaginative innovation binoculars correctly, (ii) It can open up opportunities for prospective teachers to brainstorm and implement very simple ideas in creating STEM activities, and (iii) It gives exposure to the community that the creation of Innovation is not so difficult and the cost is very affordable. Based on qualitative method, researcher used 3 instruments used to see the benefits that it can provide to community. Based on the interviews instrument conducted to 4 parents, they think that this attractive BinoBI Innovation has successfully guided them to use STEM elements through producing a simple product by using recycled materials (DIY). In addition, based on observation that have been conducted on 4 kindergarten children from the B40 family, researchers found out that this BinoBI product is not only a game that can give enjoyable moment to children through the elements of STEM learned but it can also give meaningful experience to them in making independent exploration on this innovation and the specific activities provided on the module. On the other hands, based on document analysis, researcher could produce great and meaningful activities for children Thus, these findings showed that BinoBI innovation along with this module can provide useful benefits, not only to teachers and children but it also would be a guideline for parents at home to conduct the creative and innovative activities by referring to the provided module. With the promotion of using BinoBI innovation more widely to children from the B40 family, it would provide benefits and opportunities for them in learning STEM Education either at home or at school.

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