Noor Ashiqah Abd Ghani, Nor Atikah Md. Jizat, Rizzuan Saufi Salihuddin, Azim Amran, Muhammad Luqman Sabri

Keywords: smoke sensor, flame sensor, arduino, solar, fire alarm

Abstract: Fire alarm cases usually occur in residents and commercial buildings results in death cases. These accidents happen because the person involved in fires to the point of death the main cause is the permanent grill which keeps them trapped in the building. Another accident cause is installation of emergency window grill pad lock type, lack of exposure to fire prevention measures and lack of attitude in facing dangers of fire. Consumer did not have enough time to get out of the building when accident occur. The objective of these project are develop fixed to portable moving iron grill by control smart exit fire alarm system. Another objective is design a default fire alarm to smart exit fire alarm system installation in the building to be used in an emergency. Smart Exit Fire Alarm System using Arduino that had been programmed so when fire symptoms occur, when smoke detected in smoke sensor (MQ2) and flame detected using flame sensor, magnetic door or window will automatic open and act as security so that consumer could get out of the building safely. The results is prototype of Smart Fire Alarm System that using solar and battery as a backup in the event of power outage. The implication of these project has great potential to institute, house developer, home owners, factory and hotel owner.

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