Jamal Othman, Muniroh Hamat, Mohd Fahmi Zahari, Norshuhada Samsudin and Noor Azizah Mazeni

Keywords: ComprESs, SDLC, examination slips

Abstract: Comprehensive Examination Slips or ComprESs is an official document that allows students to refer complete examination schedules on a single slip. The information listed on the  examination slip are the courses registered, group name, examination date and time, examination  venues and the seating number in the examination hall. Previous examination slips were  provided with very limited information such as the courses and group registered, respectively. Limited information on the examination slip will lead students’ negligence in scrutinising the  examination schedules. Furthermore, there have been many cases whereby the students arrived  late at the examination halls because they do not know the exact location of examination venue. The worst case is when the students are absent from sitting the examination due to carelessness  of crosschecking the examination date and time with the courses registered. ComprESs is an  online system that features detailed examination schedules, which can be viewed anytime and  anywhere through the mobile phone. The project has been developed using the System  Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach and it is the common methodology practiced among  ICT practitioners or experts. The biggest impact of ComprESs is that it helps the examination  management to run smoothly and efficiently. ComprESs has been implemented at several  campuses and faculties and benefited by almost 30,000 of UiTM students. 

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